The KingsWoman is the Community of women who are maturing together in Christ. Their goal is to produce women from females and to shape them in the image of the standard which is Christ who defines the essence of true womanhood.

Kingdom women through the Kingswoman subculture are connecting with other kingdom womenmen, discipling one another and populating the kingdom through outreach and populating the worldspace with Amazins who are ambassadors of Christ. (the world calls it’s imaginary wonder women Amazons, we call ours Amazings)

Kingswoman Ideals

  • Connector.


    A kingsWoman is dedicated to Christ, his character, culture, cause and commision

  • Connector.


    A KingsWoman displays outstanding moral excellence and strength of character

  • Connector.


    A KingsWoman is commited to nuturing people, divine ideas and opportunities


This is the weekly accountability workout that the KingsWomen do to support and keep each other accountable and aspiring towards Christs ideals and fulfilling purpose

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Asides from working alongside several missions, we also have events and initiatives that reach out to ladies in society promoting Christ defined womanhood and support for initiatives that develop womanhood

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