The KingsWoman Code

Dedication | Virtue| Nurture

“Females are born, Women are made, Wives are trained”. This is a catchphrase popular amongst the KingsWomen.

Every woman who is in Christ will desire to be like Him in every way and please him.

KingsWomen realise that focus and effort is required in growing and perfecting ourselves as women in the image of Christ and to develop as nurturers through whom the seeds of ideas and generation can be birthed and nurtured.

As Eve was called “the Mother of all Living” we are called as KingsWomen to reveal an aspect of our Father God in conceiving, birthing, nurturing and sustaining Gods dreams… what a call!

To ensure that every woman has the opportunity to achieve this, we set the standard for ourselves through the KingsWoman Code.

The KingsWoman Code provides a clear pathway for ladies to aspire and lead a life consistent with the principles and values of Christ with others. This is a basic requirement, because if we are to REPRESENT him in this world, we must BE like HIM!

The Code – Dedication

DEDICATION to Christ, His Character, Cross, Culture, Cause and Commission

The KingsWoman upholds the character of Christ as the standard for her thought, motivation, behaviour, attitude, relationships and expression.

How do we achieve this?

The WoMan, The Female and the Femme Fatale

Developing the Woman, Subduing the Femme Fatale, training the Female

The KingsWoman understands that she is a tripartite being. ie she is a spirit – (woman) she has a soul – (“femme fatale” because rebellion against Christ is lodged in the soul) and she lives in a body – (female)

In living up to the standards of Christ Character, we encourage the KingsWoman through excercise in the word of God, submission to the Holy Spirit and fellowship with the brethren to develop her Spirit Man to lead her soul and body, retrain her “femme fatale” (desires and appetites) to become subservient to her recreated human spirit.

Such a woman can make decisions consistently that are right in Gods eyes, regardless of pain, pressure or pleasure, this is the quintessential KingsWoman

The KingsWoman is a representative of Christ and his ambassador.

She develops a sense of purpose around the agenda of Christ.

She actively develops a conscience to reflect and act on Christ’s sentiments about issues. She is sensitive to what Christ’s wants and dislikes and she will promote the cause of Christ and facilitate it.

The KingsWoman as someone who belongs to Christ and who represents as his ambassador understands that culture is the expression of any tribe or nation and is committed to making sure that Christ shines through our culture.

Values, Lifestyle, Culture

When we adopt the values of Christ and live by it (style our lives by it), we have a lifestyle when two or more practice the same lifestyle it becomes a culture Eugene A Ajayi

The KingsWoman through intentional relationships promotes the culture of Christ by sharing and practising it with those who are in the kingdom and showcasing it to those who are without in everyday life.

She is committed to living by and promoting of the culture of Christ within the community of the saints and the world.

The KingsWoman as a representative of Christ and his ambassador develops a sense of purpose around the agenda of Christ.

She actively develops a conscience to reflect and act on Christ’s sentiments about issues. She is sensitive to what Christ’s wants and dislikes and she will promote the cause of Christ and facilitate it.

The KingsWoman sees herself as a unit of Christ and responsible with others for bringing in other people into the kingdom of God by showing them how to submit to Christ and also supporting initiatives to educate them in the kingdom life.

The KingsWoman will prioritise the great commission, advocate, support, fund, promote, participate in and take personal responsibility for it.

The Code – Virtue

Moral Excellence & Strength of Character

The KingsWomen knows that her heart is her most precious tool, she watches tends this carefully. Because we believe “Virtue is to the spirit what beauty is to the body” so the KingsWoman commits to develop virtue with the same dedication that she would commit to making herself physically attractive.

The KingsWoman submits to culturing that builds herself up in virtue and removes the toxicity of selfishness, pride, fear, rebellion.

This is done in the context of Godly relationships with other KingsWomen, how else do you grow virtue except in close quarter accountability relationships?

In this context the KingsWoman overcomes the need to control others, serve her own needs above others and allows the Christ in her spirit to shine through in moral excellence and strength of Character always

The KingsWoman is committed to preserving the relational integrity within the body of Christ by ensuring that she participates in community and enriches community through giving and receiving service.

She serves the body of Christ faithfully at every opportunity at the highest level of her grace.

She also makes herself available to serve Christ to those in the world either with others in the body of Christ or wherever the opportunities presents itself

A virtuous woman, who can find? She is the KingsWoman!


Nurture of ideas, people, relationships, opportunities, society for Gods sake

Mother or Smother

Women are uniquely made by God to give life, (men were made to provide the seed) whatever seed a woman decides to “mother” lives and whatever she decides to “smother” dies.

Society today is a reflection of what womanhood has nurtured,

the KingsWoman commits herself through development of virtue to be a good soil where good “seeds” (whatever has potential”) can grow, flourish and bear fruit. She also position herself to “smother” bad seeds in society.

There are many women that have influence in the world but do not do right with it, the KingsWoman is an artful nurturer for Christ. With purified instincts, she is a responsible influencer and nurturer who exists to always influence towards good and what is best on behalf of Christ.

First she is taught to lead herself , then she learns to nurture others, then she grows to nurture her family, as she grows in faith and character, she begins to have more and more influence through what she “mothers”

All of our activities within the KingsWoman is based on these codes. They define us and keep us on the straight and narrow, it ensures we are connected to our source Christ, to one another in the right way, doing the right things and achieving purpose.

We would like to fill the world with KingsWomen