The KingsMan Code

Devotion | Service | Leadership

“Males are born, Men are made, Husbands are trained” is a catchphrase popular amongst the KingsMen.

Every man who is in Christ will desire to be like Him. As KingsMen we realise that focus and effort is required in growing and perfecting ourselves as men in the image of Christ. We set the standard for ourselves through the KingsMan Code.

The KingsMan Code provides a clear pathway for gentlemen to aspire and lead a life consistent with the principles and values of Christ with others. This is a basic requirement, because if we are to REPRESENT him, we must BE like HIM!

The Code – Devotion

Devotion to Christ, His Character, His Cross, Culture, Cause and Commission

Devotion To The Person of Christ
The KingsMan must be someone who has counted the cost of commitment to Christ and its implications and has chosen to willingly and irrevocably devote himself to him as LORD and Master of his heart and life.


1. He bows and gives himself wholly to nothing else but Christ and has
2. Devoted his whole life to the only person who is worthy to receive this sort of worship which is Christ.
3. He commits to actively renewing his mind with the word of God, accepts Gods law as the source of his morality, the constitution of his nation in Christ. The basis of his values, relationships and life pursuits.

The KingsMan upholds the character of Christ as the standard for his thought, motivation, behaviour, attitude, relationships and expression.

How do we achieve this?

The Man, The Male and the Malefactor

Developing the Man, Subduing the Malefactor, training the Male

The KingsMan understands that he is a tripartite being. ie He is a spirit – (man) he has a soul – (malefactor because rebellion against Christ is lodged in the soul) and he lives in a body – (male)

In living up to the standard of Christ Character, we encourage the KingsMan through excercise in the word of God, submission to the Holy Spirit and fellowship with the brethren to develop his Spirit Man to lead his soul and body, retrain his “malefactor” (desires and appetites) to become subservient to his recreated human spirit.

Such a person that can make decisions consistently that are right in Gods eyes, regardless of pain, pressure or pleasure is the quintessential KingsMan

The Cross is the continuous process of the KingsMans spiritual circumcision, the cutting away of his flesh to express his recreated spirit.

He knows that this circumcision of his heart identifies him with the commonwealth of Christ, He is will not return to the ways of uncircumcision, (living for appetites, desires and emotions) but gives Himself wholly to living in submission to the spirit of God and the word of God.

The KingsMan as someone who belongs to Christ and his ambassador understands that culture is the expression of any tribe or nation.

Values, Lifestyle, Culture

When we adopt the values of Christ and live by it (style our lives by it), we have a lifestyle when two or more practice the same lifestyle it becomes a culture – Eugene A Ajayi

The KingsMan through intentional relationships promotes the culture of Christ by sharing and practising it with those who are in the kingdom and showcasing it to those who are without in everyday life.

He is committed to the propagation and standardisation of the culture of Christ within the community of the saints and the world.

The KingsMan as a representative of Christ and his ambassador develops a sense of purpose around the agenda of Christ.

He actively develops a conscience to reflect and act on Christ’s sentiments about issues. He is sensitive to what Christ’s wants and dislikes and he is aligned promote the cause of Christ and to facilitate it.

The KingsMan sees himself as a unit of Christ and responsible with others for bringing in other people into the kingdom of God by showing them how to submit to Christ and also supplying and supporting initiatives to educate them in the kingdom life.

The KingsMan will prioritise the great commission, advocate, support, fund, promote, participate in and take personal responsibility for it.

The Code – Service

Service to God, To The brotherhood of saints and the world for Christ’s sake

The KingsMan knows that service is the outflow of his worship to Christ, and he expresses this in humility counting it as a privilege to be Called by Christ to serve.

He is committed to preserving the relational integrity within the body of Christ by ensuring that he participates in community and enriches community through giving and receiving service.
He serves the body of Christ faithfully at every opportunity at the highest level of his grace.

He also makes himself available to serve Christ to those in the world either with others in the body of Christ or wherever the opportunities presents itself

The Code – Leadership

Developing and applying leadership in every spheres of life, society, community, family etc

There are many that have influence in the world but do not do right with it, the KingsMan is an artful influencer for Christ.

The KingsMan is a master of the art of influence and he is a servant leader who exists to always influence towards good and what is best on behalf of Christ.

First he is taught to lead himself, then he learns to lead others, then he grows to lead his family, as he grows in faith and character, he begins to have more and more influence.

All of our activities within the KingsMan is baselined on these codes. They define us and keep us on the straight and narrow, it ensures we are connected to our source Christ, to one another in the right way, doing the right things and achieving purpose.