The Kings Family is a community of families who are determined to live out God’s beautiful design for the family unit. Through various means, the Kings Family build up and strengthen each other to help establish their vision, values and principles upon God’s word and truth. Our goal is to connect with other Kingdom families and grow into a healthy Kingdom community and ultimately becoming a Kingdom Nation

KingsFamily Ideals

  • Connector.


    With God, with one another, with divine purpose and with other families to attain walking in oneness and with dominion with God and one another

  • Connector.


    A commitment to continuous building up of each individual in the family in every area of life, enabling the home to fulfil divine purpose

  • Connector.


    Influencing the world on God’s behalf – Providing value and making a difference in community and society based on God’s word

Spirit Filled Marriage

This is a platform for kingsfamily to encourage growth, accountability and marriage development according to Gods word. Families talk daily in a virtual group and meet physically on weekly and monthly basis

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Asides from working with families through SFM Hubs, we also have events and intiatives that reach out to families in the society promoting Christ defined family building principles

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