The KingsTribe is an Initiative of the House of Lights Network. It describes how we connect and identify with, build community and fulfill destiny with fellow kingdom citizens within the body of Christ.

Tribes are not organizations, they are superfamilies and cultural hubs consisting of men, women, families in communities. The King’s tribe is subdivided Into the following categories

The Kings Tribe Initiative connects Men, Women and Families from the Marketplace, Universities and higher education institutions, Churches, Communities through bespoke engagement protocols such as;

A marketplace mission that engages and connects professionals in the market place in purpose, lifestyle and relationships.

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Connects, Disciples and Develops Universities Students and young professionals.

This mission is aimed at strengthening marriages and establishing pioneering families God’s way through truth and community. We equip you to equip others, inspired by Christ and His Bride. This mission is aimed at those married for 25 years or less.

This ministry exists to grow and nurture women into the full image of God. We teach, we mentor, we equip.

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Kingdom Synergy Alliance (KSA) is a collaboration of experienced transformation experts who work together to support people development, societal and community transformation at a local, regional and national level.

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The KingsTribe working with these missions comes alongside to build identity, character, culture, purpose, leadership and community amongst the men and women. Facilitating Godly relationships at all levels, including helping people get married and supporting the Marriages to develop and connect together as a community that support one another within regions.

We do this through the Kingsman, Kingswoman and the Kingsfamily.

KingsTribe is not a denomination, neither is it a church, it currently connects believers in over 100 different congregations and multiple ethnicities across three continents. We intend to connect every man, woman, family, child and community that belongs to the King together across the world.